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Training & Coaching

Our Services


We support organizational decision–makers, business strategists and entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive services in intellectual property  law  & management in relation to strategic  technology & innovation management


Research & Consulting

IP Information:


IP information-based product and service architecture

IP searches: patents, utility models, designs, trademarks

Trademark analysis

Patent analysis



IP Protection & Prosecution:


IP prosecution strategy

Patent drafting



Branding & IP: 


Brand development

IP-value transfers

Trademark strategy

Organizational IP Strategy:


IP audit

IP policy design and development

Patent strategy for R&D/design 



Innovation & IP Commercialization:


IP commercialization strategy

IP licensing

IP valuation

Customer-centered product & service development

Innovation marketing

Technology venture creation




IP information-based product & service architecture

Patent drafting

IP prosecution procedure & techniques

Branding and trademark strategy

Customer-centered product & service development

Technology venture creation



Portfolio Management 

IP Protection & Prosecution:

Application filing and prosecution:

   Patents & utility models 

   Industrial designs 


Maintenance of applications and registrations:

   Patent annuities 

   Trademark declarations of use

Renewal filing:

   Industrial designs 




   Change of status


IP Transfers

Contract drafting and review:


   IP licensing agreements

   Material transfer agreements (MTA)

   Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

Clearances and recordations:

   IP licensing agreements

   Technology transfer agreements (TTA)

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